Medical Nutrition

We’re committed to making a difference in the lives of patients and frail people. Dairy’s essential nutrients have an amazing power — backed by science — to support disease management. That inspires us to harness dairy’s benefits into high-quality, good-tasting solutions that can support the recovery and quality of life.
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Medical Nutrition

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Protein enrichment

Protein enrichment of muffin

Powder formats can be used to enrich food with elements such as proteins. The powder can be added to regular foods such as fermented dairy, pancakes, soups and beverages

Sip feed

Sip feed formulation

Sip feed represents a nutritional supplement designed and destined for oral consumption. Sip formulations provide a nutrient dense solution that can fulfill a wide range of nutritional needs.

Essential nutrients for those moments you need it most

We're Medical Nutrition

Essential nutrients for those moments you need it most

About us

About us

So much more than nutrition

We know how crucial it is for ingredients to deliver more than high-quality nutrition, backed by science. They need great taste and texture to encourage intake too. That’s why we love dairy. It’s an incredibly rich and versatile nutrient. We understand it deeply, and use it to creation solutions that combine the best functionality with the best nutrition.

Collaboration at the edge of what’s next

Creating high-quality solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible fascinates us. It’s no simple task, and one we know requires strong collaboration with our customers. Years of experience taught us the best way to create front-end solutions for recovery is to do it together.

Traceable from field-to-pharmacy

We start with milk from our own farms and monitor it closely through the entire chain. It’s how we ensure the necessary consistency, high-quality and safety for patient care. Our commitment to strict quality assurance results in the best possible nourishment for patients and peace of mind for customers.


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