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Dairy is one of the most versatile, nutritious ingredient on the planet - creating countless ways for adults to gain the natural, everyday energy and strength. We create those solutions with passion, because we know our hard work means more people can live their live to its fullest.
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On-the-Go: Protein Bite

On-the-Go: Protein Bite

This application suggestion provides the opportunity to create a long shelf life, on the go protein bite with excellent structure and taste. The on the go protein bite concept fits seamlessly in meeting the needs of the active lifestyle consumers. It demonstrates how an ideal dough texture can be created with only 2 protein…

Peach ElderFlower Ultra High Protein Shot
Ready to drink

Peach ElderFlower Ultra High Protein Shot

This Peach Elderflower ready to dink utilizes our premium ingredient Micelate Prestige. It is the purest micellar casein available in the market (casein:whey ratio 95:5)

About us

About us

Conveniently nutritious.

We know our solutions must deliver more than the right nutrition. They have to taste good too, so that more people make them a convenient part of their daily nutrition. That’s why we love dairy. It’s an incredibly rich and delicious source of nutrients that can make more of every meal.

A partner in active nutrition.

Today’s innovation has to meet the demands of nutritional efficacy and evolving consumer needs. It’s not an easy task, and one we know requires strong collaboration. We’re keen to share our technical expertise in supporting a healthy lifestyle — across generations and life stages — to create the next innovation success together.

Fascinated with what’s next.

New trends and insights are constantly emerging. How can we use them to develop tomorrow’s nutritional solutions? Our curiosity and desire to keep learning drive us to look ahead and focus on answering that question for your business.

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