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Today, we’re FrieslandCampina Ingredients. But we didn’t get here overnight. For decades we’ve been expanding our expertise, discovering new markets and applications from our innovative thinking, raising the bar for what can be in ingredient science. We’re here as a result of many trusted brands coming together, each bringing experts and insights in unique markets. Now those legacies are reflected in the relationships we’ve built, and the reputation we’ve earned in Early Life Nutrition, Cell Nutrition, Active Nutrition, Medical Nutrition and Performance Nutrition.
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We're FrieslandCampina Ingredients

We're FrieslandCampina Ingredients

Eyes forward

A better industry creates a better world. That means staying curious about future trends to create new ingredient solutions. And constantly seeking ways to minimize our impact on the planet, for now and generations to come. We know the steps we take protect our dairy ingredients and help make the things you make as good as they can be, each and every day.

Trust through transparency

We work hard to make sure your product’s ingredients are reliable, safe and pure. We can say that as we maintain control and oversight of our entire production and supply chain. We’re watching every movement — whether it’s grass to glass, farm to pharmacy or a custom creation in our modern, and well-monitored facilities.

The proof is in our science

Our focus is on taking nature’s gift of milk and turning it into something better. So we work tirelessly to increase nutritional benefits, new sensory experiences, and innovative application methods to bring more goodness to your products and the people you serve.

Bring the future forward, together

Bring the future forward, together

At FrieslandCampina Ingredients we know that what’s inside matters. People want more goodness from what they consume – and we’re on a mission to provide just that. Where some see only powder in bags, we see more. We do more.

We see a more sustainable future for the dairy industry. And we do more to achieve it.

For over two decades, we’ve been leading the field in sustainability through monitoring, control and transparency. And our cooperative spirit positions us uniquely to partner with others, creating a better industry for a better world. In fact, we believe it’s only by working togther that we can reach this goal.

We’re on a journey to becoming circular and we’d like you to join us. Here. Today. Right now. Let’s bring a sustainable future forward, together!

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