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Dairy's essential nutrients have an amazing ability to boost the performance of any athlete. All that crazy goodness inspires us to unlock ways to pack its most nourishing components into natural and pure protein solutions that help athletes power their achievements and push boundaries.
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We spend a lot of time with athletes, getting to know how they eat and drink, and what they need to perform at their best. Athletes know what it takes to get over the top, across the line or just through the wall. We know how to create the protein solutions to get them there. And we’re doing it while also pushing the limits of better taste, experience and convenience. After all, when you’re done pushing your limits, the last thing you want to do is work harder for your nutrition. The greatest athletes are taught success begins at the training table, and we think it begins even a little earlier with the right ingredients.

Performance Nutrition

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Clear protein water
Ready to drink

Clear protein water

This application suggestion combines the popularity of no-sugar water drinks with the functionality of protein. It meets the demands of the modern consumer by providing on-the-go convenience, low calories, great taste, lack of preservatives, and no artificial flavors or sugar. This suggestion offers two natural flavors: the rewarding Grapefruit & Pomegranate and refreshing Cucumber…

Coconut-Lime Natural shake

Coconut-Lime Natural shake

This Coconut-Lime shake includes Nutri Whey Native, a native whey protein derived directly from milk and purified using Ceramic Micro Filtration. This technology enables us to guarantee the native quality of our product. Giving you on-trend possibilities for premium differentiation in your portfolio for natural products.

About us

About us

Made to deliver what nature intended.

We believe in the power of dairy. Starting with fresh milk from our own dairy farms, we meticulously control every step. That results in ingredients you can’t get just anywhere. They’re packed with the pure, full power that nature intended, because they’re crafted carefully all the way from grass to glass.

Perfectly formulated for performance.

Creating great tasting products and backing them with proven health benefits is no simple task. A lot needs to come together. Whether it’s perfect protein value, taste, or stability, we’re always striving to optimize science-backed solutions that ultimately ensure exceptional performance for our customers.

Fascinated with what’s next.

Our curiosity and desire to keep learning drive us to focus on what’s next for your business. We’re constantly watching for new trends and developing new nutritional insights. And we’re eager to share, innovate and co-create around them to craft products that help people meet – and beat – their performance goals.

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