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The world is calling out for smart and sustainable nutritional solutions. Health and well-being challenges are pervasive in every community and demographic. And more and more, consumers are looking for solutions that are not only good for them, but also for our shared planet. Personal well-being and planetary health are now intrinsically linked. At FrieslandCampina Ingredients, we are committed to creating nourishing health solutions in balance with nature. Take a look around our sustainability hub to see how we can help you nourish a better planet and demonstrate real impact to your customers.


Nourishing a better planet

FrieslandCampina is committed to make our work and that of farmers around the world more sustainable by nourishing a better planet, now and for generations to come. FrieslandCampina has set out 6 priority areas which align with 7 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. At FrieslandCampina Ingredients, we’re focussing on 4 of those key initiatives, where we can truly make the difference for our customers and their consumers.

Better nutrition, affordable for all

We help our customers differentiate with healthy, sustainable nutrition all over the world. Whether that’s by improving holistic health with innovative solutions that start with the gut, helping babies develop healthy immune systems with the most researched GOS in the world, or keeping people active and strong throughout different life stages with our range of dairy and plant protein solutions.

Better living for farmers

Our 15,703 member dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are committed to nourishing by nature now and for generations to come. It is our goal to support our farmers by protecting their livelihoods, ensuring a fair price for their nutritious dairy ingredients and reducing on-farm emissions.

Better climate, carbon neutral future

Our dairy ingredients will be climate-neutral by no later than 2050. We have set out a climate plan with clear targets and concrete actions, with a checkpoint being a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. And we’re not starting from scratch either. Sustainability has been central to our ethos for a long time and we’ve already made significant improvements over the years.

Better nature, improving biodiversity

Our member farmers are dedicated to improving biodiversity and having a minimal impact on our local environments. And we built our Biodiversity Monitor to help our farmers measure and track on-farm biodiversity. The monitor is aligned with the guidelines of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Our sustainable ingredients and solutions

Carbon-neutral dairy proteins

Health and planet-conscious consumers are actively seeking more environmentally-friendly products – and reducing carbon emissions is a huge priority. Discover our range of carbon-neutral solutions for your protein applications and how we can work together to create planet-first nutrition that feeds the future.

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Carbon-neutral dairy proteins

Carbon-neutral base powder

Demand for more sustainable infant formula solutions is on the rise. Parents want to give their children the best start and the best future. This is why we launched Essential Start Carbon Neutral –
a perfect base for dry-blending infant milk formula that provides the essential nutrients babies need with reduced carbon emissions and carbon offset projects.

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Carbon-neutral base powder

Partner with FrieslandCampina to nourish a better planet

Real change comes when we work together so why not collaborate on industry-leading initiatives with FrieslandCampina Ingredients? You will be in good company; in one 3-year partnership, we used regenerative agriculture across 600 farms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 17%. We have also partnered with leading brands on specific ingredient propositions, like our carbon neutral base powder. We’re working on a lot of exciting initiatives so get in touch to find out more.

Partner with FrieslandCampina to nourish a better planet

Want to know more about sustainable ingredients?

Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you achieve your sustainability ambitions. Whether you want to partner on a bespoke solution or benefit from our leading at-farm initiatives, together we can bring sustainable nutrition to life.

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