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Plant-based bliss and gut health goodness: FrieslandCampina Ingredients launches new indulgent and functional concepts at Fi Europe 2022


FrieslandCampina Ingredients, the global innovator in healthy and functional ingredients, will be launching two new plant-based protein concepts at this years’ Fi Europe (6-8 December). Built using its innovative Plantaris™ Pea Isolate 85 A, the applications have been devised to respond directly to growing consumer demand for healthy plant-based indulgence, and will demonstrate how brands can create protein-rich products that deliver on both taste and nutrition. The company will also be showcasing innovation possibilities within gut

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FrieslandCampina Ingredients will showcase new Plantaris™ plant protein concepts, as well as on-trend prebiotic supplements powered by its new Biotis® GOS-OP High Purity.

Plantaris™:  a fresh take on plant-based indulgence

A significant 74% of consumers say they can’t imagine a world without chocolate.[1] But sweet-seeking consumers are increasingly swapping out their usual treats for healthier, ‘better-for-you’ versions of products. In fact, 85% of consumers believe a balanced diet can include indulgence.[2] Protein is particularly sought after by health-conscious consumers; over half of people that swap their usual snacks for high-protein alternatives do so because they offer healthy indulgence.[3]

To help brands capitalise on the market opportunity for healthy indulgence, FrieslandCampina Ingredients will be launching two new plant protein concepts – a tasty chocolate ready-to-drink (RTD) application and a high protein pudding – at Fi Europe’s New Product Zone.

The concepts are powered by the company’s innovative Plantaris™ Pea Isolate 85 A, which has been specially designed to help manufacturers overcome common challenges in plant-based formulation. The ingredients’ neutral taste removes the flavour off-notes often associated with pea protein meanwhile its enhanced powder handling, improved dispersibility, solubility, and stability ensure a satisfying texture. These features mean Plantaris™ Pea Isolate 85 A can be used in a variety of formats and flavours to deliver up to 10% high-quality protein per serving while satisfying consumer cravings.

Visitors to Fi Europe can be further inspired to create tasty, cutting-edge plant-based products by joining FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ Arno Alting, R&D Specialist, and Inge van Dalfsen, Market Segment Manager for their talk, ‘Expert insight: a guide to powering your next plant protein innovation with ease’ the presentation will be available on demand.

Biotis®: explore gut health supplement opportunities

Also on display in the in the New Product Zone is FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ latest range of prebiotic supplement concepts – including ‘Good to Gut’ gummies, powder sticks, and tablets. These new concepts are made possible thanks to the latest addition to the company’s Biotis® portfolio, Biotis® GOS-OP High Purity. Specially designed to support prebiotic supplement innovation, Biotis® GOS-OP High Purity delivers a higher concentration of available GOS – typically around 94% – than other prebiotics available on the market. Research has also substantiated the efficacy of Biotis® GOS-OP High Purity at doses as low as 2 grams.[4] As a result, this novel ingredient creates opportunities for brands to create smaller and more convenient prebiotic supplements – an area which has been traditionally hampered by formulation challenges.

To discover more about tapping into the growing gut health market and how to stand out with on-trend formats, visitors can also join FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ Urszula Kudla, Global Manager of Technical Sales, and Linda Bentert, Market Segment Manager for Biotis® for their talk, ‘How to power your next gut health innovation with a high purity prebiotic’ available on demand at Fi Europe.

‘Good for body, mind… and planet’

Speaking on the applications to be showcased at Fi Europe 2022, Vicky Davies Global Marketing Director Performance, Active & Medical Nutrition said, “Consumers in 2022 may be more health-conscious – but not at the expense of taste and texture. In fact, sensory experiences continue to be key purchasing drivers when it comes to healthy foods and supplements. At Fi Europe, we’re going to be showing that ‘healthy’ doesn’t have to mean ‘boring’ by highlighting a range of tasty and on-trend applications that consumers will enjoy – from protein-packed indulgent puddings to appealing supplement gummies to support a healthy gut. What’s more, formats like these don’t only provide health benefits for the body, but also the mind. Protein-fortified treats can satisfy the sweet tooth but also provide peace of mind that it’s possible to enjoy moments of relaxation and indulgence while still making a healthy choice.

“We’re also opening up more conversations around the relationship between healthy nutrition and a healthy planet at Fi Europe. Despite increasing health-consciousness, this year was the first time that consumers’ concern for planet topped concern for population health.[5] We’ll have our team of experts on-hand to discuss how to create winning nutritional formulations that are more sustainable with our climate-neutral portfolio, so our customers can create products that are good for body, mind and planet.”

Visitors to Fi Europe 2022 can find out more about FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ range of plant and dairy ingredients by registering here and visiting stand 7.2J20.

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