We are FrieslandCampina Ingredients

The Inside Matters

We are FrieslandCampina Ingredients

When some see only powder in bags, we see more options, more ideas, more ways to impact lives for good. Every day, we enrich the lives of millions of people through the nutritional passion and expertise we bring to the workplace.

Our best for every market

Our best for every market

Science for the way we live

The ingredients that come from milk are incredibly versatile. We focus our science on all of this and more – more nutritional benefits, new sensory experiences, and innovative application methods that make your products better for the people you serve.

Elevating the experience

Food and beverages should be enjoyed under every circumstance. We’re here to unlock the functional and nutritional benefits of dairy so that our partners can create unique flavor and textural experiences that surprise and delight.

Together is the only way to work

Working side by side with our cooperative of dairy farmers for 150 years has taught us as much about the strength of working together as it did about the strength of quality ingredients. So expect us to think with you, to challenge you, and to create something great together, with you.

Bringing the future forward

We believe in creating a better industry for a better world. And constantly seeking ways to minimize our impact on the planet, for now and generations to come.

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