The Plantaris™ range features Plantaris™ Pea Isolate 85 A and Plantaris™ Faba Isolate 90 A. Both solutions have been designed to overcome common formulation challenges associated with plant proteins – particularly the flavour off-notes of pea proteins, which consumers can find unappealing.
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The future is flexitarian. And this movement is maturing. Increasingly discerning consumers want plant-based products that deliver high-quality nutrition and taste as good as the real deal. Plantaris™ can help you unlock plant-based protein opportunities with its authentically creamy taste and texture. Watch our expert video to discover more.

Our Plantaris™ Applications

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Plantaris™ Faba Protein Drink

Plantaris™ Faba Protein Drink

Consumer demand for products rich in plant-based protein is growing steadily. As a result, there are many opportunities for manufacturers to develop plant-based protein products that meet the needs of a growing number of consumers with lifestyle and dietary preferences.

Plantaris™ Pea Protein Drink

Plantaris™ Pea Protein Drink

Our Plantaris™ Pea Isolate 85 A is an ideal solution for ready-to-drink applications. It has a neutral taste and a smooth mouthfeel. Plus, it is high in protein and high in leucine in a compact format.

Plantaris™ Pea Protein Powder Shake

Plantaris™ Pea Protein Powder Shake

Our Plantaris™ Pea Isolate 85 A is an ideal solution for plant-based applications. It delivers excellent nutritional properties, a neutral-tasting base and are highly heat stable, meaning they can be formulated with a variety of flavours and in multiple formats

The Plantaris™ protein powders will help brands expand their protein product offerings and meet high consumer expectations for taste, texture and performance.

Learn more about our plant-based solutions for Active and Performance Nutrition markets.

We have 3 applications for you:

  1. Plantaris™ Faba Protein Drink
  2. Plantaris™ Pea Powder Shake
  3. Plantaris™ Pea Protein Drink

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