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For almost half of consumers, an organic label is a big reason to pay attention. Our latest research reveals that almost half of shoppers consider organic claims when choosing what to buy, which makes ‘organic’ one of the top three attributes they look out for.[1]

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Parents are going organic

Parents are going organic

For parents, organic claims matter even more. We found that over 75% of parents worldwide consider ‘organic’ to be an important attribute of infant milk and young child formula (IMF/YCF). In parts of Asia, the figure exceeds 90%. The word itself creates an image of naturalnesssafety and quality: the three key reasons that parents provide for choosing organic products. [2]

Organic market growth

Organic market growth

Supermarket shelves are showing signs of change. Organic infant and young child milk formula launches have increased significantly, particularly in France, Germany and China.[3] Globally, the organic infant milk formula market is expected to reach €5.4 billion by 2025, bringing it to 9% of the total IMF market value. [4]

This is creating many new opportunities for Infant Milk Formula manufacturers. As demand for organic options rises, consumer expectations are rising alongside. Parents are looking for high-quality formulations that offer organic benefits without sacrificing safety, performance, enjoyment and convenience.  


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