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Micro-encapsulating LCPUFAs: what makes GEA FILTERMAT technology stand out


Awareness is growing about the numerous health benefits of adding LCPUFAs, like DHA and ARA, to infant milk formula, but they can bring complex formulation challenges. In many cases, nutritional oils cause unpleasant tastes and off-odours – unappealing for both parents and infants alike.

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Preventing oxidation is key, to preserve those all-important sensory properties and ensure optimal nutritional value. Micro-encapsulating DHA and ARA is the answer to these formulation challenges.

The process of enclosing LCPUFA-containing oils in a powder matrix via an advanced drying process, micro-encapsulation, protects the oils from damaging environmental factors. This helps with many aspects of processing, like ingredient handling, recipe flexibility and even speeds up operations.

At FrieslandCampina Ingredients, we understand more than most the complexities of micro-encapsulation. That’s why we’re the only provider of infant nutrition ingredients to use cutting-edge GEA FILTERMAT® drying technology to produce our encapsulated LCPUFAs. It’s a gentle process that helps to protect each and every droplet of DHA and ARA-containing oils. By avoiding contact with the environment, it helps prevent oxidation, while improving handling, solubility and quality.

So, what makes our process different? GEA FILTERMAT® has unique features like highly controlled gas flow and low free oil content, helping to preserve quality. Compared to other conventional technologies, it can also encapsulate higher concentrations of DHA or ARA-containing oil, with less damage to the powder particle. The result is superior sensory properties over a longer period of time – it’s win-win!

To put GEA FILTERMAT® to the test, we even conducted a benchmark study on our Vana®-Sana micro-encapsulated ingredients. We found Vana®-Sana outperformed its competitors for a range of parameters, like wettability and dispersibility. It’s all down to the mild drying process, which helps to support the physical and sensory qualities of the final product.


Interested in hearing more about the advantages of micro-encapsulated LCPUFAs and the unique features of our GEA FILTERMAT® technology? Download our white paper below ⬇

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