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Introducing Deminal® 90 Organic


Our demineralised whey powder is already popular with infant milk producers worldwide, thanks to the essential protein it brings to their formulations. Now, FrieslandCampina Ingredients offers Deminal® 90 Organic to meet the growing demand from parents who look for organic infant nutrition.

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Demineralised whey, in detail   

Both human milk and cow’s milk contain a combination of casein and whey proteins. In human milk, this ratio is 40:60, whereas in cow’s milk, it is 80:20. Demineralised whey is a popular choice for infant milk manufacturers who want to achieve the desired 40:60 casein:whey ratio in their formulawhile limiting the mineral content in a formulation. 

Adding proteins with low mineral content at the start of the formulation process makes it easy to optimise a formulation’s mineral profile at a later stage, when minerals can be introduced in precise amounts. Not to mention, demineralised whey also contains lactose, which means there’s no need to add lactose separately. 


The Deminal® 90 Organic advantage 

Experience next-level organic credentials alongside premium performance: 

  • Made from fresh organic whey, derived from the organic milk we gather from 135 certified organic member farms in the Netherlands. By processing our ingredients close to home, we ensure full control and traceability throughout the entire supply chain.  
  • It features low mineral content with stable composition, high heat stability and excellent microbiological standards for optimal safety and quality 
  • Meets an organic standard that goes beyond legislation: FrieslandCampina organic member farmers comply with additional requirements for biodiversity, climate & energy and animal welfare.  


Organic expertise, from grass to glass   

At FrieslandCampina, we have a long heritage in organic dairy farming, with over 40 years of experience – and not only on our farms. We’re proud to own the entire ingredient supply chain, from farm to factory, and we apply the highest standards of quality and transparency at every stage.  

We have been producing demineralised whey for just as longmaking us the market leader in demineralisation. We have a long track record in low and stable mineral composition behind us. Ahead of us, there’s plenty of room to grow, as we recently invested in a new production location in Bedum (the Netherlands). Throughout the journey, it’s expertise that carries us through: the technical team at FrieslandCampina Ingredients offers unparalleled ingredient understanding, specialised in developing dairy ingredients for IMF.   

Get to know Deminal® 90 Organic for yourself: request a sample today.  

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