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Discover our range of carbon-neutral dairy protein solutions and find out how partnering with FrieslandCampina Ingredients can help you deliver planet-first nutrition.

Nearly half of consumers research the carbon footprint initiatives of the brands they use.[1] With consumer interest in sustainable nutrition growing, how can brands create protein products that deliver on a low environmental impact, high-quality nutrition and great taste?

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– Our 3 solutions designed to inspire your next sustainable protein innovation – including developing fully carbon-neutral end products, leveraging low carbon dairy proteins and co-investing in joint projects to reduce emissions where they are most likely to occur – at farm level.

– How our partnership with ClimatePartner means your carbon-neutral claims are verified by a trusted third party.

– How we’re tackling on-farm emissions so you can include reduced and zero carbon claims on-pack.

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Our climate neutral ingredients

Carbon Neutrality is achieved in our ingredients in partnership with ClimatePartner through 4 basic steps: Calculation of the Ingredient carbon footprint, a commitment by FrieslandCampina to reduce a portion of the carbon footprint between now and 2025, offsetting of the remainder of the emissions through ClimatePartner’s support of credibly certified sustainability initiatives across the globe, and transparent communication to consumers via ClimatePartner’s label and tracking systems.

The carbon footprint is calculated in accordance with commonly used standards including (but not limited to) the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064, and the product-specific standards ISO 14067 and PAS 2050. For the portion of the carbon footprint we have committed to reduce, FrieslandCampina works closely with its member farmers to implement various emissions reductions initiatives on the farm level, more detail of which may be found hereWe report on those reductions on a yearly basis. For the carbon compensation, ClimatePartner accepts carbon credits from sustainability projects that follow two criteria: they are certified under an internationally accepted standard (eg VCS, Gold Standard), and undergo a thorough due diligence process. Finally, ClimatePartner provides an on-package label that provides transparency about the process, the carbon footprint, how the emissions were offset, and the company’s reduction strategies, goals, and results. For more detailed information about ClimatePartner and their process, please see the following link.


[1] FMCG Gurus, Top Ten Trends, 2022

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