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Discover our range of carbon-neutral dairy protein solutions and find out how partnering with FrieslandCampina Ingredients can help you deliver planet-first nutrition.
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Nearly half of consumers research the carbon footprint initiatives of the brands they use.[1] With consumer interest in sustainable nutrition growing, how can brands create protein products that deliver on a low environmental impact, high-quality nutrition and great taste?

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  • Our 3 solutions designed to inspire your next sustainable protein innovation – including developing fully carbon-neutral end products, leveraging low carbon dairy proteins and co-investing in joint projects to reduce emissions where they are most likely to occur – at farm level.
  • How our partnership with ClimatePartner means your carbon-neutral claims are verified by a trusted third party.
  • How we’re tackling on-farm emissions so you can include reduced and zero carbon claims on-pack.


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[1] FMCG Gurus, Top Ten Trends, 2022