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When it comes to choosing the right ingredients to add to infant milk formula, the long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFAs) DHA and ARA are understandably at the top of the list thanks to its benefits to immune health and cognitive development.[1][7]


What matters most to today’s parents

By speaking with 5,250 parents from 7 countries in our global FrieslandCampina survey, we learnt that;

  • 81% of Chinese parents and 73% of Indonesian parents with an infant aged under one year say they’re anxious about their child’s immune health.
  • 81% of Chinese parents and 67% of Indonesian parents said that they are concerned about their infant’s cognitive development.


As a result, the market is expanding to include a wide mix of products to address parental concerns.

Unlock the potential of micro-encapsulated LCPUFAs


Directly responding to the demands of today’s parents and care providers, FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ Vana®-Sana DHA and ARA-containing oil products from plant sources are here to help you innovate to satisfy demand and stand-out in the infant milk formula products;

Featuring remarkably high oil loads, with 20g DHA and 20g ARA respectively per 100g of powder –almost double the typical concentrations of comparable ingredients. This means formulators can offer more of the benefits of LCPUFAs in their products without extending ingredient labels or significantly increasing ingredient volumes and ensure more sustainable on-pack credentials.

✓ Boast cleaner labels, because dipotassium phosphate (a buffering agent) and silicon dioxide (a flow agent) have been eliminated from our production.

✓ Ensure superb sensory properties, with the help of our advanced micro-encapsulation process through GEA FILTERMAT® technology. DHA and ARA oil is microencapsulated in a powder matrix with significantly less heat load than conventional spray dryers. The process is much gentler and has proven to enhance the nutritional and sensory qualities for consumers and protects the ingredients from environmental conditions during storage, making processing easier for manufacturers.

Want to know more about our LCPUFAs?

FrieslandCampina Ingredients has a long history in early life nutrition and can offer insights into the choices parents and carers make. Our knowledge fuels our innovations, including the micro-encapsulation of nutritional oils containing DHA and ARA to meet every consumer expectation. Download our whitepaper now! Together we can accelerate your development process and transform LCPUFAs into early life nutrition product success.

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