Why whey? A versatile ingredient for flexible nutrition


The line between performance nutrition for elite athletes and active nutrition for everyday consumers is no longer as defined as it once was. More people are searching for nutritional innovations to support their fitness, health and general well-being. Easy-to consume, tasty products are at the front of the pack for pro athletes, weekend warriors and everybody in between.  

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As a result, the market is expanding to meet consumer demands. Beverages and bars alongside squeezable pouches and spoonable pots are at the forefront – presenting interesting opportunities for mainstream and sports nutrition brands.


At FrieslandCampina Ingredients, we know it can be a challenge to find high quality ingredients that allow for maximum flexibility and creativity in the end product. We developed our unique Nutri Whey™ range to tackle this challenge – built from premium whey protein isolates and concentrates for optimising performance and recovery.


Take our high concentration protein gel concept, for example. Formulated with Nutri Whey™ Isolate Clear, it provides up to 15% protein content in a small, convenient portion – guaranteeing flexibility in the end format. Similarly, bars formulated with the newly developed Excellion® Textpro offer premium nutrition with a long shelf life that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture.

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