March 9: The importance of sleep


The importance of a good night sleep is well recognized as being beneficial for overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, sleep disorders have become a major public health problem. According to FMCG GURUS, only about half of the global consumers are satisfied with the amount of sleep they get daily and their ability to fall asleep easily1.

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There are several types of sleep disorders, of which insomnia the most common involving problems with staying or falling to sleep2. About one third of U.S. adults report some insomnia symptoms and 10-15% experience functioning problems during daytime, attributable to this disorder2. Next to feeling fatigue and daytime sleepiness, consumers mention a reduction in motivation and energy and mood disturbances as a consequence of insomnia3.

Consumers are seeking solutions which is reflected in an increasing amount of money being spent on sleep aids and remedies. According to FMCG GURUS, 55% of the global consumers say they are interested in food, drink and supplement products that improve their sleeping patterns1. Interested in more information? Get in touch with one of our experts!



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