Our Partnership with the American Dairy Products Association


FrieslandCampina Ingredients North America is a proud partner of the American Dairy Product Institute (ADPI) – an American organisation striving to be the most effective and relevant association representing the dairy ingredients industry. One of their mission is to help increase the world-wide use of dairy ingredients by marshaling the technical;, manufacturing and marketing resources of its members and other stakeholders of the industry.

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Our North America office has been active partner in building up a new website designed in coordination with the ADPI and its members to communicate the benefits and positive attributes of proteins from milk, with a focus on protein ingredients. This proactive and impactful platform will serve as an informational tool to guide targeted consumers (“Protein Seekers”, millennial and women) with regards to their protein choices. www.thestronginside.com

This website is an informative hub for The Strong Inside message with fact-based information to better assist consumers with making smart protein choices. It communicates the nutritional benefits of proteins from milk compared to other protein sources, seeks to refute myths and misconceptions, and fills the void with science-supported information about proteins from milk. Backed by science, but designed to appeal to consumers’ emotions, it emphasizes the unique value of proteins from milk in an engaging and positive way.

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