Know what HCPs advise parents

The key points of infant nutrition highlighted by HCPs.


Functional ingredients for infant milk formula: the expert view

Functional ingredients for infant milk formula: the expert view

Pediatricians, neonatologists and dietitians are some of the most trusted sources of information and advice for parents making decisions about what to feed their infants when breastfeeding isn’t an option. So which infant milk formula ingredients do they recommend most?
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The future of infant nutrition

The future of infant nutrition

Today, HCPs are increasingly advocating the consumption of complementary infant milk formula ingredients for maximum nutritional benefits.[1]  Tomorrow, Nestlé can unlock the potential of prebiotics to offer a healthier future for formula-fed infants.


Making it happen

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[1] Healthcare Professional survey; FrieslandCampina, Presans & Einerhand; USA, UK, CN; n=5-7 per country, May 2021