01 December 2022 - 10:00

Roundtable discussion - Emerging technologies in early life nutrition

Creating the ingredients of the future.

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About this event

What will the early life nutrition industry look like in 2030? To answer this question, FrieslandCampina Ingredients has performed a thorough consumer trend curation, conducted market research and assessed the key technological and scientific advances.   

The search of parents for ingredients that offer multiple benefits – whether physical, mental or emotional – will only grow in the coming decade. It hence ensures a continued interest in ingredients that will bring infant milk formula closer to breastmilk, not just in composition, but in functionality as well.  

We have been proudly supplying dairy-based ingredients for early life nutrition for over 75 years and we, like many others, firmly believe in the nourishing power of dairy. At the same time, we feel cell-based technologies like precision fermentation and cell culture could play an important role in advancing the early life nutrition industry to the next level. Time to have a discussion with some of the most renowned experts in the field! 

Interested in the views of experts representing academia, novel tech starts-ups and the regulatory arena? Following a webinar fast-forwarding to Gen-Z’s future parenting styles and choices, we’ll now deep-dive into the world of early life nutrition’s technology & science. Register for our roundtable discussion today!

Details of the event

–  December 1st at 10am CET (Amsterdam) / 5pm CST (Shanghai) / 8pm AEST (Sydney)

–  The duration of the event is approx. 45 minutes

–  For B2B professionals only

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Prof. Dr. Thom Huppertz

Prof. Thom Huppertz holds an MSc from Wageningen University and a PhD from University College Cork. His research career includes academic and industrial research in the field of dairy science and technology, and has spanned many dimensions. From products to processes, and their interactions, from biosynthesis of milk to digestion of milk constituents in the human body, and from product and process optimization to the role of milk and dairy products in sustainable food systems. He currently combines the roles of Professor of Dairy Science and Technology at Wageningen University, Principal Scientist at FrieslandCampina, Distinguished Visiting Professor at Victoria University and Editor-in-Chief of International Dairy Journal.




Dr. Leila Strickland

Leila has a Ph.D. and postdoctoral study in cell biology, with over 10 years of experience conducting research on fundamental cellular processes. She’s passionate about developing novel applications for cell culture technology to address the world’s most pressing problems. Additionally, Leila has worked extensively in scholarly publishing as an academic editor, and in scientific communications as a writer and as a strategic consultant with global pharmaceutical companies. Inspired by her own infant feeding challenges and background in microscopy, cell culture, and molecular biology, she co-founded BIOMILQ in 2020 with the idea to create cell-cultured human milk with breakthrough mammary biotechnology. What started as a personal struggle to feed her newborn son in 2009 is now a full-throttle pursuit of nothing less than the betterment of our health and our planet.



Dr. Hannah Lester

Hannah is the CEO and principal consultant of Amgen Regulatory Consulting who specialise in alternative proteins and novel foods. She has over 15 years’ experience working in regulatory affairs and has worked extensively on novel food authorisations in the EU and other global markets.






Del Afonso

Del Afonso

Del Afonso, Harmony Baby Nutrition Founder and CEO, has been in the baby nutrition space for over 15 years, as a researcher, entrepreneur, and baby nutrition expert, treating thousands of babies with special dietary restrictions. He has experience bringing new nutrition compounds through the regulatory systems and into the market. Now, equipped with an MBA from MIT and a thriving biotechnology environment, he is using all of his experience to bring biotechnology into the foodspace and introduce human breast milk proteins into the baby nutrition industry.



Robert McMahon, Ph. D

Bob is a global science and technology consultant with over 20 years of experience, where he advises organizations working in early life nutrition, clinical nutrition, sports nutrition, and nutrition across the lifecycle. He previously headed the Global Discovery, Analytical Sciences, and Technology Scouting Departments at Mead Johnson Nutrition, where he was deeply involved in the first launch of lactoferrin in infant formula China, prebiotics, probiotics, and MFGM. He was also the co-lead investigator in one of the earliest international studies in human milk composition and function known as the GEHM Study.


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