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Vivinal® GOS Syrup Nutri

Vivinal® GOS Syrup Nutri is a galacto-oligosaccharide ingredient that naturally contains calcium and magnesium.

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Galacto- oligosaccharides

Parents naturally want to offer their children the best available nutrition in order to help them grow strong and healthy. Oligosaccharides are a vitally important…

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Vivinal® MFGM

Vivinal® MFGM is an infant formula grade whey protein concentrate containing proteins and lipids. This product contributes to a significant improved fat composition as compared to currently…

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Vivinal® GOS Easy Drying Syrup

Purified galacto-oligosaccharide syrup containing high levels of galacto-oligosaccharides and low levels of mono-saccharides. It provides enhanced drying properties in wet blending.

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Vivinal® Milk Fat blend 65

Vivinal Milk Fat blend 65 is an infant-grade fat blend containing 65% Vivinal Milk Fat and 35% of a tailored vegetable fat mix. The blend…

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Vivinal® GOS Syrup Organic

Vivinal® GOS Syrup Organic is a complex organic carbohydrate syrup, rich in non-digestible galacto-oligosaccharides (59%).

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