Whey Protein Gel

This high concentration protein gel “could be a game-changer” for sports nutrition brands. Formulated with the renowned Nutri Whey™ Isolate Clear, the application not only provides up to 15% protein content in a small, convenient portion, but also enables unique flexibility in the end product’s format – from squeezable pouches to spoonable pots. The concept aligns perfectly with many trends dominating the sports nutrition market, including single-serve and snackification, consumption on the go and compacting – with one serving able to supply the same amount of premium quality protein as a 500ml RTD beverage


  • Unique squeezable format

  • Ability to claim ‘high protein’ (15%) in US and EU

  • Suitable for lower lactose formulations

  • Ability to extend portfolios in terms of format, flavor and nutritional density

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