SleepWell sachets

Getting a good night’s sleep is a concern for many people
globally. Biotis® SleepWell is a natural prebiotic*(2) and protein
solution designed to improve sleep quality in adults, without
any preservatives, artificial flavours or added sugars. Specially
formulated to support the body’s own functions, Biotis ™ SleepWell
assists you in both falling asleep and sleeping through the night, so
you wake up feeling refreshed**(1)
Biotis® SleepWell solution is easy to dissolve and has a neutral
taste that is simple to mask with delicious flavours like vanilla.


  • Improving sleep quality in a natural way, supports sleeping in, sleeping through & waking up fresh (1)

  • Additional benefits on stress reduction & supports digestive health

  • Convenient and tasty format easily incorporated in daily routine

  • “High protein” claim in US and EU***

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1. FrieslandCampina Whitepaper Support qualitative sleep in adults (available on request).
2. Gibson GR, Hutkins R, Sanders ME, Prescott SL, Reimer RA, Salminen SJ, Scott K, Stanton C, Swanson KS, Cani PD, Verbeke K, Reid G. The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) consensus statement on the definition and scope of prebiotics. Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol. 14(8);491-502 (2017).

* a prebiotic is a substrate that is selectively utilized by host micro-organisms conferring a health benefit2.

** no claim: reported by users in a consumer study.

*** Please consult legal advice when applying claims on your product.

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