Fast whey recovery shake

This recovery shake with white peach flavor utilizes a whey protein with a unique protein hydrolyzation, carefully selected for immediate recovery after exercise. The fast whey recovery shake includes Nutri Whey™ Hydro, a hydrolyzed whey protein containing di-and tripeptides that are better absorbed1,2 compared to single amino acids or intact protein resulting in a fast release of amino acids into the blood stream. High in branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s), Nutri Whey™ Hydro has at least 14% more leucine compared to similar, cheese whey based products. A high quality protein supporting immediate recovery after exercises. Nutri Whey™ Hydro makes it possible to create a clean, neutral tasting shake with an excellent mouthfeel.


  • Neutral tasting shake with an excellent mouthfeel

  • Supports fast muscle recovery due to pre-digested protein

  • High leucine content that helps activate muscle protein synthesis

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