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Innovative ingredients that support brain health – from day one and beyond.



Innovative brain health ingredients that help people get the most out of life, always.


The human brain is a wonderful thing – from the moment we’re born, this amazing control center not only helps us learn, create and feel emotions, it’s also in charge of every blink, breath and heartbeat.

So, it’s no wonder looking after our brains is a top priority, at every stage of life. Globally, 54% of parents cite brain development as one of their top concerns for their young children.[1] And 60% of adults say they are interested in health products to reduce their own stress levels.[2]

At FrieslandCampina Ingredients, everything we do supports our mission to help consumers get the most out of life, always. That’s why we’ve developed a leading range of ingredient solutions that support brain health and mental well-being for infants and adults alike. Explore our range of brain health solutions below.

Discover Biotis® SleepWell for adults

Discover Biotis® SleepWell for adults

In an increasingly uncertain world, people are aware of the impact proper sleep and relaxation can have on their health. Our Biotis® Brain health portfolio offers ingredients and solutions to support sleep, mood and mental clarity in adults.

Biotis® SleepWell combines our protein and prebiotic expertise into one holistic solution to improve sleep quality, naturally. This concept brings our Biotis® GOS prebiotic together with tryptophan and cysteine containing proteins to target the gut-brain axis to help with falling asleep, sleeping through the night and waking up fresh. Explore the benefits of Biotis® SleepWell – download the brochure now.

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Explore the benefits of LCPUFAs for early life brain development

Explore the benefits of LCPUFAs for early life brain development

The first few years of a child’s life are the most important when it comes to brain development, and parents are increasingly seeking nutritional ingredients to support this. A growing bank of research suggests that DHA and ARA, long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFAs), can contribute to healthy brain development in infants in addition to other benefits, such as eye development and enhanced immunity.[3],[4] And consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the potential benefits of these ingredients, too![5]

Want to know more about how LCPUFAs can be used to support children’s brain health and more, as well as how our unique micro-encapsulation process helps protect ingredient quality? Download the whitepaper below!

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