Better nature through regenerative farming

Biodiversity is incredibly important when it comes to future proofing our food systems. Discover how we’re helping our member farmers protect and improve the biodiversity on their farms.

“To accurately measure each farm’s performance, we use our unique and advanced Biodiversity Monitor. Developed in collaboration with the Worldwide Fund for Nature’s Netherlands office (WWF) and Rabobank.”

Better nature through regenerative farming

The greater the biodiversity, the greater nature’s resilience and ability to recover. This is very important to our member dairy farmers as nature is the driving force behind every dairy farm. That’s why our goal is to have as much biodiversity as possible on our members’ farms. 

By 2050, we want all our farms to have a positive effect on biodiversity. That’s a big ambition for an agricultural business. 

Biodiversity leads to a healthier ecosystem and improves soil quality, which enhances its ability to absorb more carbon. Through partnerships, programmes and measures, we inspire and encourage sustainable, regenerative farming. 

Our member farmers are continuously working on improving biodiversity, i.e. by: 

  • Improving soil quality 
  • Actively managing nature 
  • Using feeds with zero impact on deforestation 
  • Closing nutrient cycles 


To accurately measure each farm’s performance, we use our unique and advanced Biodiversity Monitor. Developed in collaboration with the Worldwide Fund for Nature’s Netherlands office (WWF) and Rabobank, this invaluable tool eliminates guesswork and allows farmers to check their scores and gain insights into how to make improvements. Innovations like this make us leaders when it comes to sustainability in dairy farming. 

For example, the Hupperetz family manages its farm’s landscape and nature by maintaining hawthorn hedges and pollarding trees to enhance biodiversity. Learn more about the work they’re doing here. 

Biodiversity is increasingly valued by consumers. So sourcing ingredients from suppliers with a proven track record in preserving biodiversity provides food, beverage and nutrition companies with a tangible example of how they’re helping nourish a better planet. 



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