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Taking quality standards further

We ensure a high standard of quality for every early life nutrition ingredient we develop. And because we have so much passion for what we do, complete compliance is always just the starting point. We’re always looking for new ways to improve quality and convenience for brands, to meet the needs of parents and their children alike.

For us, quality relies on FoQus. We monitor and control every step in the production of our dairy ingredients with FrieslandCampina’s FoQus quality system. FoQus ensures we maintain high-quality nutrition as well as good operating standards at every member dairy farm, at every ingredient factory, and throughout our entire supply chain, until the final ingredient is delivered to our customer.

Quality with nature in mind

We believe it’s essential to reassure parents that the nutritional products they choose are always of the highest safety and quality standards. Early life nutrition brands must ensure the ingredients they work with are of high quality and comply with strict regulations Stricter than those that apply to foods for the general population, but also taking into account the differences between regions and which can change significantly over time. We ensure our ingredients and solutions are tailored to the unique needs of early life nutrition markets around the globe.

Our robust ingredient science is supported by extensive consumer research. Recently, we conducted global surveys into what both parents and health care professionals (HCPs) are looking for when it comes to early life nutrition solutions. Get in touch to find out more about the results of our unique insight studies 67Global consumer study Early Life Nutrition Innova and RFC, 2020 / selection parents with 0-1 year-old child 43Healthcare Professional survey; FrieslandCampina, Presans & Einerhand; USA, UK, CN; n=5-7 per country, May 2021.

Good quality, from grass to glass

The FoQus quality system consists of four parts that together cover the entire chain:

  • FoQus Suppliers: a programme of rules and requirements to ensure quality and safety during the operations of all of our supply partners
  • FoQus Planet: quality, safety and sustainability requirements for all our member dairy farmers, with the greatest stipulations for the organic ones
  • FoQus Safety, Health & Environment: making sure all employees, contractors and visitors return home safely and in good health, every day
  • FoQus Food Safety & Quality: maintaining high standards at every stage, from processing and packing to storage and distribution.

Other Solution and Applications

Want to find out more about what quality means to us?

FrieslandCampina Ingredients provides a variety of high-quality ingredient solutions to support the growth and development of infants and young children, as well as support good nutrition in pregnant women. Our innovations are backed by over 75 years’ experience in ingredient manufacturing and research in the field of early life nutrition. Discover everything you need to bring infant and young child formula to market that’s preferred by parents and recommended by HCPs. Produced with quality at every stage, made possible by our passionate experts.

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