Kievit Vana®-Monte

Kievit Vana-Monte is the largest range of whipping agents. Professionals in food service and -manufacturing worldwide count on Vana-Monte whipping agents to add aeration to indulgent whipped cream desserts, mousses, ice cream and pastries for a beautifully smooth, light, creamy and (acid) stable result. The latest addition to the Monte-family is the Vana-Monte DP580, an ultra indulgent and efficient whipping agent.


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Pastry and decoration

Pastry and decoration

Supplying both the retail and professional industry with a portfolio of whipping agents, fat powders and emulsifiers, we have an instant solution to suit every application. Whether you are looking for a more even air bubble distribution, smoother mouthfeel or firmer texture, our quality products add value to your inventive concepts for cakes, decoration, fillings and pastry…

(Frozen) desserts

(Frozen) desserts

Our versatile whipping agents and fat powders are enjoyed in desserts across the world, enhancing luxurious bubbly mousses or the smooth goodness of Italian ice-cream. Our functional blends allow extra flavour, colouring and functional ingredients like vitamins to be added to a variety of dairy based products.

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