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Healthier indulgence

Healthier indulgence

Moments of feeling good matter to everyone. That’s why we seek to deliver more smiles to the world through the foods we love most: coffee, tea, cakes and desserts. Products built through partnership that make moments of feeling good for everyone.

Food & Beverages

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Pastry and decoration

Supplying both the retail and professional industry with a portfolio of whipping agents, fat powders and emulsifiers, we have an instant solution to suit every application. Whether you are looking for a more even air bubble distribution, smoother mouthfeel or firmer texture, our quality products add value to your inventive concepts for cakes, decoration, fillings and pastry…


Savory soups and sauces

Offering functional ingredients for soups and sauces which allow our customers to fine tune the details required for their end applications. Our fat based powders add delicious tasting, smooth, silky mouth feel and whitening properties to both ready-made and dry soups and sauces.

About Us

About Us

Enriching your business

Our customers enrich people’s lives with indulgent products. So we make it our priority to enrich their work with a readiness to collaborate, to share our expertise and sprinkle in imagination, creativity and inspiration wherever possible. This partnership mindset inspires new ideas for food and beverage experiences, and smart solutions that make our customers even more successful.

Unique sensory expertise

Touching consumers’ senses with ingredients requires mastery of sensory experiences. We take the complexity out of creating creaminess, milkiness, mouthfeel, color and texture. Combined with our rich perspective on global and local trends, we work hard to turn our expertise into applications designed for you.

Decades of doing it right

For more than a century we’ve been creating quality ingredients delivered with passion. Whether we’re inspiring ideas for everything from coffee to cake, or supporting how to manufacture products in better ways, our customers can count on us to deliver, time and time again.

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Our expertise

Our expertise

Our detailed knowledge of food ingredients and applications inspires creativity within our walls.

Market understanding

We make it our business to know everything there is to know about food and beverages. Worldwide we put boots on the ground to gather market knowledge and collect unique insights into country-specific trends and demands. Sensory profiling, trends research, online listening studies, research panels, consumer studies and scientific data are just the first steps we take toward market mastery.

Application know-how

We think the possibilities for what ingredients can become are endless. From food to beverages, our products add flavor, texture and sensory perfection to surprise your consumers. Based upon real market data, we bring innovative applications turning trends into products that will win the hearts of your consumers. What’s more, we maintain demo kitchens on more than three continents where we can work side by side with you to adapt trends to your market.


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