Setting the standard for organic infant formula

Our organic infant formula ingredient, Deminal® 90 powder, has been developed according to FrieslandCampina’s organic standards, which go beyond legislation. To best meet customer and consumer requirements. It’s all down to the way we process the fresh organic milk we gather from 135 members’ farms, close to our facilities in the Netherlands.

At FrieslandCampina Ingredients, we have 40 years of experience in organic dairy farming. So we know that the highest organic standards rely on owning the entire ingredient supply chain, from farm to factory. By processing locally, we ensure full control and traceability.

Organic beyond the basics

As a start, organic early life nutrition ingredients should meet every legislative requirement. At our home in the Netherlands, local organic standards not only meet all regulatory criteria, but go even further, offering our partners and customers extra reassurance and credibility.

Our FoQus Planet programme has been designed to raise the bar, for example by measuring the carbon footprint of every one of our member farms. Our unique and advanced Biodiversity Monitor also ensures that farmers track their achievements against various key criteria. This ensures our organic Deminal® 90 powder is produced in a way that preserves the environment and maintains biodiversity for generations to come, without compromising on its nutritional quality and stable mineral composition.

Parents around the world are increasingly going organic

New research by FrieslandCampina Ingredients and Innova Market Insights reveals a fast-growing opportunity for organic baby formula products.

  • Almost half of shoppers consider organic claims when choosing what to buy, which makes ‘organic’ one of the top three attributes they look out for.1
  • For parents, organic claims matter even more. Over 75% of parents worldwide consider ‘organic’ to be an important attribute of infant and young child milk formula.2
  • In parts of Asia, this figure exceeds 90%.2

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Deminal® 90 Organic

  • Contains lactose and protein

  • Consistent composition

  • Certified organic in key markets

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  • Supports microbiota development

  • Certified organic in key markets

  • Suitable for organic infant milk formula

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Hyvital® Whey EtD 100 Organic

  • Mildly hydrolysed whey protein

  • Organic-certified

  • Neutral odour and taste

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Other Natural Concept

Other Natural Concept

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