Yoghurt growth opportunities exists around its image as naturally functional, traditional healthy food


Developments in consumer preferences around snacking, breakfast, digestive health, protein, clean label and texture offer opportunities for future growth. As well as promoting yoghurt’s natural health benefits, brands are encouraged to also focus on indulgence factors such as taste and texture.

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Snacking & breakfast

Snacking is no longer the optional extra, but the definitive occasion. With 63% of the millennials replacing meals with snacks because they are busy (1), offering the opportunity for dairy brands to expand their portfolio by creating snacking and guilt-free indulgent versions of their products.
Driven by convenience and health, Yoghurt drinks are one of the fastest growing yoghurt category, in which consumers are looking for guilt-free options and selecting drinkable yoghurt because of its protein and calcium content next to its natural and convenient proposition.

Breakfast habits are changing, opening up for innovation in product formats. An increasing number of consumers do not eat breakfast at home . This also drives opportunities for breakfast yoghurt (drinks), which should deliver yoghurts that are nutritious, filling, convenient and tasty

Digestive health

Awareness for digestive health keeps on the rise, offering opportunities for digestive health products beyond probiotics.

Digestive health claims have a wide appeal, attracting the attention of 47% of the consumers globally (2) which can also justify the growing interest for fiber, with consumers increasing its consumption mainly seeking for digestive health benefits (1)
For yoghurt drinks and fermented beverages, digestive/gut health continues to be the leading health positioning, used for 33% of H2 2018 launches globally (3)


Protein enrichment remains a key trend in dairy and in yoghurt, with consumers seeking for high protein concepts as part of everyday natural health. Responding to that demand, more yogurts highlighting their protein content which consumers associate with benefits as energy boost, muscle development and satiety. Many of these high protein yogurts are also positioned as snack, breakfast occasion or post-work out snack, combining benefits of convenience with health and indulgence.

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As texture becomes a more popular feature in food in general, and yogurt in particular, high quality dairy ingredients help brands hold firm on their taste credentials and appeal to consumers’ senses.

Texture steps up in yoghurt innovation complementing on flavor innovation with consumers open to new sensorial experiences.
For spoonable yoghurt, indulgence textures rule, with creamy textures leading (5)

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Natural high protein drinking yoghurt
High protein yoghurt 6% protein    

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