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What is the best way to prepare powdered milk?


“The water should never be hotter than 55 degrees.”

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Water at 43 degrees is the perfect temperature for preparing milk for calves. “The water should never be hotter than 55 degrees,” explained Sjaak de Kleijne, young cattle specialist at Agrifirm. “A temperature that high destroys the proteins.” He used the comparison of a fried egg. “Once an egg has been fried, it retains its structure. Once the proteins in milk powder have been destroyed by overheating, they permanently lose their function in the powdered milk.” He also recommended using good quality water to prepare the powdered milk. Tap water or spring water? “If you have tested the quality of your spring water, and it is good enough to clean tanks and pipes, then you can also use it for powdered milk.”

For use in combination with automated calf milk dispensers, Ger van Wersch, young cattle specialist at FrieslandCampina, emphasised the importance of sufficient water pressure with spring water. “To guarantee delivery of the required dosage.” To make certain, he recommends the use of a buffer tank or floater tray. “If in doubt, switch to tap water,” recommended Ger. “It is not a question of huge volumes of water, the most important aspect is the water quality.”

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