Porcolac Extra increases post-weaning performance


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During the last years, sow nutrition, sow genetics and sow management have improved rapidly. Due to these improvements, litter sizes increased and birthweight of the piglets decreased. Unfortunately, sow milk gift did not increase with the same ratio and therefore piglets cannot reach their growth potential on sow milk alone. Furthermore, it is well-known that the period that follows upon weaning is the most
difficult period in a piglet’s life. No supply of sow milk, a new environment, new pen mates and a change of diet make that piglets face high levels of stress and have low levels of feed intake, causing weight loss and diarrhea.

To best support the piglets after birth and during weaning, we developed Porcolac Extra, a premium supplemented milk replacer. Porcolac Extra is given to piglets during 2 different periods:
• Period 1 starts 2 days after birth till day 14 and supports piglets to give them a good foundation to grow up fast and healthy.
• Period 2 starts 5 days before weaning till weaning and significantly increases post-weaning growth.

Furthermore, Porcolac Extra is enriched with a patented acidifying component. This has a highly protective effect in the large intestine in both periods. From day 12 onwards it is highly recommended to provide dry feed to the piglets, because piglets have to switch to dry feed after weaning. Therefore, piglets need to get used to the ingestion of dry feed during the lactation period.

Porcolac Extra – Period 1
Feeding piglets Porcolac Extra starting day 2 after birth till day 14 after birth supplies all piglets with sufficient energy. This leads to higher weaning weights. Weaning heavy piglets results in fewer problems and less mortality after weaning and a higher growth from weaning till slaughter.

Porcolac Extra – Period 2
Feeding piglets Porcolac Extra during the last 5 days before weaning, increases their energy intake and assures more piglets are eating before weaning. Thanks to a higher nutrient intake the gut environment is further developed and can better handle a high dry feed intake. This gives piglets an optimal start right from the moment of weaning and results in a higher average daily gain.

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