The Piglet & Sow Performance Programme (PSPP) is an integrated feeding programme and consists of 3 complementary dairy based products to support the sow and give the piglets a head start.


Lactolat is a premium micro encapsulated fat-filled whey concentrate which is included in the sows’ lactation diet at 5%, starting 5 days before the expected farrowing date till the moment of weaning. Lactolat, targeted to the need of lactating sows, delivers easy digestible energy, which keeps the sow in an optimal condition during lactation. Furthermore, several researches, performed at the Chulalongkorn University of Bangkok, have shown an increase of the dry matter content and the fat level of
the produced milk. High energetic milk supports piglets during the early lactation period, since piglets are born with minimal energy reserves. Later in lactation, the high energetic milk supplies extra energy to the piglets which leads to optimal growth.

Porcolac Extra

Porcolac Extra is a premium supplemented milk, given next to sow milk. The improved recipe contains a patented acidifying component which has a highly protective effect in the small and large intestine. This helps to reduce the use of antibiotics. The high dairy content assures a very good acceptance and creates more ‘eaters’. Porcolac Extra gives direct support to piglets during two periods to secure a smooth weaning:
• From day 2 till 14 days of age Porcolac Extra gives extra energy to the piglets additional to sow milk while stimulating piglets to eat.
• From 5 days pre-weaning till weaning Porcolac Extra increases the energy supply of piglets and the number of eaters before weaning. This results in a higher feed intake right after weaning and a significant average daily growth till at least 4 weeks after weaning.

Serolat fat-filled

Serolat fat-filled is a balanced fat-filled dairy concentrate which contains favorable levels of lactose, spray-dried encapsulated fat and milk protein, which helps piglets to reach an optimal feed intake, growth and a high health status. Included at 15% in the weaning diet and at 5% in the starter diet Serolat fat-filled fulfills the total dairy need of piglets. The spray dried encapsulated fat contains 50% coconut oil with high levels of mid-chain fatty acids, which supports the piglets with
antimicrobial actions and an efficient and fast fat digestion. The high level of lactose and dairy protein assures a high feed intake and an optimal digestion.

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