Lactolat gives direct energy for an optimal lactation period


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During farrowing and subsequent lactation, sows experience stress, but at the sametime, sows have to perform on a high production level. Under conditions of high stress, fat digestion is a critical factor. Not occasionally, sows leave the farrowing stable in poor condition and, as litter sizes are increasing, the composition of sow milk becomes more important for the energy supply of the individual piglet. Enough reasons to support sows during lactation with highly digestible energy, especially under circumstances
where feed intake of lactating sows is already challenging.

Lactolat is a premium micro encapsulated fat-filled whey concentrate that supports the sow during the energy demanding lactation period and indirectly benefits the piglets thanks to higher nutritious sow milk. Trials performed in cooperation with the Chulalongkorn University of Bangkok have shown the positive effects of Lactolat in the lactation diet. Lactolat is added to the lactation diet at an inclusion rate of 5%, starting 5 days before the expected farrowing date till the moment of weaning, and
replaces partly the mechanical fat ingredient. Lactolat offers the sow extra energy, preventing excessive backfat loss during lactation. Furthermore, Lactolat contains highly digestible spray dried fat, which leads to higher milk fat levels and a more nutritious milk.

Direct effect on sows
Research at Chulalongkorn University of Bangkok has shown that Lactolat has a positive influence on sow condition, especially gilts and thin sows loose less weight during lactation. The latter, has a positive effect
on the reproductive performance during the following insemination. This is particularly important for gilts that are often facing problems with reproduction during the subsequent estrus, the so called second litter syndrome. Additionally, Lactolat increases the fat content of the milk and, as a consequence, piglets ingest more energy during the lactation period.

Indirect effect on piglets
Piglets are born with very low energy reserves. With sufficient milk intake and the right milk composition, piglets have sufficient energy for growth and development. Vital piglets can drink more colostrum and have the best start right after birth. Next to sufficient colostrum supply, milk composition and milk supply are important factors that influence piglet mortality rates as well in the pre- as post-weaning period.

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