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Join our webinar: Does protein supplementation really help for endurance training?

We are proud to inform you that FrieslandCampina Ingredients hosted a very successful webinar that we can now share via this website “Does protein supplementation really help for endurance training." It has been established that protein supplementation increases gains in muscle mass and strength during a prolonged resistance training program. But is protein supplementation during an endurance training program also beneficial? During this webinar we will discuss whether protein supplementation is useful for endurance exercise training. Thereby, we will highlight the study of Pim Knuiman that has recently been published in the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. In this study he tested the effect of protein supplementation on changes in VO2max (level of fitness) during a 10 week endurance training program. Our hosts are Job van Leeuwen, MSc, Sports nutritionist (at the FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre in Wageningen) and Kyle Brookmeyer, Manager of the Technical Sales Specialist team. In case you are interested in this webinar, you can use this link  

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