Higher concentration and more liters for a higher growth potential


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Higher concentration and more liters for a higher growth potential

In general it is advised to feed calves 125 g/L with on top 6 L per day during the milk period. But did you know that intensified feeding of CMR results in positive effects on short and long term?

Literature research, own research and practical results have shown that feeding more liters per day with a higher concentration better meet the needs of the calf. Using the full growth potential of the calf contributes to a more robust herd and more profit for the farmer.

In the graph below you can clearly see that the average growth with intensified feeding is 127 g/day higher than when regular feeding is applied.

Intensified feeding has positive effects on:

  • Increased growth;
  • Increased development of mammary gland (1);
  • Higher vitality and less health problems (2);
  • Decreased first calving age;
  • Increased milk yield in first lactation (3);
  • Less signals of hunger (4).

Please note that intensified feeding only has positive effects with CMR and not with raw milk. Feeding too much raw milk will:

  • Delay weaning by postponed concentrate intake
  • Require very high volume of milk for same dry matter intake
  • Cause diarrhea due to the high fat intake

If you are interested in a more intensified feeding schedule, please contact your sales manager for more information about the feeding schedule.

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