FiE 2019: Diverse FrieslandCampina Ingredients concepts to show how "The Inside Matters"

Stand 6A70, Fi Europe, 3 – 5 December 2019, Villepinte Parc des Expositions, Paris, France

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Just months after its rebrand, FrieslandCampina Ingredients will present its widest ever range of inspirational and trend-led prototypes at FiE, featuring its latest premium ingredients. Showcasing smart solutions from its Performance, Active & Medical Nutrition, Early Life Nutrition and Food & Beverage segments, the company is using the exhibition to demonstrate how adding goodness to what’s inside a customer’s product will help create the food and beverage success stories of tomorrow. Samples will be displayed in the New Product Zone and on the FrieslandCampina Ingredients stand 6A70.

“We expect this to be our best FiE yet,” comments Els Zeeuwen, brand and communications director at FrieslandCampina Ingredients. “The concept-driven approach that we’ve taken this year demonstrates not only that we’re passionate ingredients experts, but also that we have outstanding consumer insights and applications expertise. Our belief that ‘the inside matters’ positions us perfectly to be a proactive partner in bringing the future forward.”

Science-backed ingredients for performance and recovery

Understanding the latest consumer trends is key to developing nutritious and exciting products that align precisely with the needs of individuals of all ages. Convenience and personalisation, for example, are two of the main drivers behind many of the prototypes on show in Paris. In the active nutrition sector, visitors are invited to sample “Clear Recovery Protein Water,” an acai and tropical fruit-flavoured protein water that provides 20g of premium, easily digestible dairy protein per serving. Positioned as a post-exercise beverage, Clear Recovery delivers on the key market drivers of “Protein +” and great tasting, on-the-go nutrition, while enabling desirable “high protein” declarations on-pack in Europe and the US. The beverage is powered by Nutri Whey™ Isolate Clear, a transparent, highly soluble whey protein powder with 90% protein content and a clean, neutral taste and aroma, making it suitable for a wide variety of flavour options.

In the medical nutrition space, FrieslandCampina Ingredients will unveil a protein supplement shot and a complete nutrition solution that meet the enhanced protein needs of an ageing population and patients recovering in hospital. The 80ml chai / cinnamon shot has a 19% protein content, while the 125ml toffee flavoured solution contains 14% protein and 2.4kcal/ml. These protein concentrations are enabled by Resana® activating protein™, a high-quality ingredient that has been shown in studies to enable fast and sustained amino acid release in healthy older adults. Resana can thereby potentially support malnourished and/or older adults in the preservation of lean body mass. Offering unparalleled levels of protein in a small dose with low viscosity, Resana further meets the market’s rising demand for compact nutrition which addresses the intake concerns of healthcare professionals treating patients with low appetites.

Bioactives innovation for Early Life Nutrition

Over the past few years, scientific advances have led to a more sophisticated understanding of the essential components in infant nutrition, and the impact they have on the health and development of infants. At the same time, parents are becoming increasingly aware of the potential health benefits that specific ingredients in infant formula could offer when breastfeeding is not possible. Here, Vivinal® MFGM, a dry-blend whey protein concentrate rich in Milk Fat Globule Membrane, with a unique and improved fat composition, presents exciting opportunities to develop new products with specific and differentiated positions and benefits such as cognitive development¹’² or immune health.2′3′4′5  With extensive research highlighting the benefits of MFGM throughout infancy and early childhood, parents can be sure they are providing premium nutrition, while manufacturers benefit from processing advantages enabling flexible recipe formulation.

Trend-based food & beverage applications

Within an increasingly healthy diet, indulgent moments still remain a central feature of the relationship the modern consumer has with food. But this relationship has changed fundamentally as more and more shoppers actively read labels to ensure they can indulge in a fairer, more sustainable and healthier way. The new FrieslandCampina Ingredients Trend Report 2019-2020 summarises the key trends which now dominate the coffee, tea and bakery industries, further articulating what indulgence means to consumers today. The report inspired a mouth-watering selection of prototypes that are enabled by a new addition to the Vana®-Monte whipping agent portfolio, as well as other innovative new ingredients. The report’s findings further highlight soaring demand for convenience and personalisation, as well as a move towards conscious indulgence and the rising popularity of products which engage all the senses with shareable appeal.

To learn more about “the inside matters,” or FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ portfolio, visit stand 6A70 or the New Product Zone, or attend the company’s presentations on sports nutrition (14:30 hrs on 3 December), and the next day, on medical (12:10 hrs) and early life nutrition (16:25 hours) in the Supplier Solutions Theatre.


1 Hernell et al., 2016

2 Demmelmair et al., 2017

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About FrieslandCampina Ingredients

FrieslandCampina Ingredients reported combined sales of €1.7 billion in FY18 and employs an international group of 3,250 employees. The new segments Early Life Nutrition, Adult Nutrition, Food & Beverages and Animal Nutrition operate worldwide, with regional sales offices in The Netherlands, USA, Singapore, China and Brazil, under one unified brand identity and tagline, “The Inside Matters”.

At its core, the company consists of passionate ingredient specialists focused on adding goodness to the foods, beverages and businesses that nourish the world. The addition of clear segmentation strengthens the company’s position as an innovative partner and global player in healthy and functional ingredients and solutions. For additional information, please visit:

FrieslandCampina Ingredients is part of Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. The dairy company daily provides millions of consumers throughout the world with dairy products containing the valuable nutrients from milk. The annual turnover amounted to 11.6 billion euro in 2018. FrieslandCampina has locations in 34 countries and employs about 24,000 employees. The Central Office is located in the Netherlands.

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