Nutritional Lipids

Fat is an important component of human milk, delivering 50-60% of an infant’s energy needs. Dairy lipids brings an optimal fat composition and structure for your infant formula.1-6


  • Optimal fat composition and structure

  • Natural source of C16:0

  • Natural and safe

Human  milk is the best nutrition  for new-borns, giving  them everything they need in early life to grow up healthy. It contains the ideal combination of nutrients such as proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Fat is an important component of human milk, delivering 50-60% of an infant’s energy needs. In addition to providing energy, the fat in human milk also provides the infant with valuable essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins and cholesterol. The major form of fat in human milk is triglycerides, followed by long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and complex lipids. The structure of the fats ensures that it is properly absorbed and digested.

When human milk is not available, FrieslandCampina Ingredients is dedicated to offering the highest quality infant nutrition that is guaranteed to be safe and to fulfil the nutritional needs of infants. We offer several Vivinal Milk Fat solutions to help you obtain the optimal fat composition and structure for your infant milk formula; Vivinal Milk Fat as well as ready-to-use Vivinal Milk Fat blends. We believe that carefully designed blends of cow’s milk fat and selected vegetable fats offer an excellent choice to support the healthy development of infants. The composition and structure of milk fat support infants’ digestion, absorption and overall comfort.[1-6] Vivinal Milk Fat is made from fresh, high-quality cream to which no conserving substances have been added, the blends only contain natural conserving substances. Vivinal Milk Fat is a natural source of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K and cholesterol, both of which contribute to the healthy growth of infants. Its creamy and milky taste and smell will enrich the flavour of your infant formula. Our Vivinal Milk Fat and blends are made using natural ingredients, are free from contaminants and are produced according to the highest quality standards.

Product Range

Vivinal Milk Fat and its blends have been developed to provide an optimal fat composition and structure to support the healthy development and growth of infants. Where most infant formulas focus on providing a nutritionally adequate composition of fatty acids, we go a step further to ensure a nutritionally advantageous structure as well.

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Milk Fat content Ready-to-use
Vivinal® Milk Fat blend 65 65% Yes
Vivinal® Milk Fat blend 30 30% Yes
Vivinal® Milk Fat 100% Requires blending with vegetable oils before use

Optimal fat composition and structure

Source of C16:0.
Tight and consistent fatty acid profile.
The right fatty acids at the right place, the Sn-2 position

A creamy taste

The sensory qualities of Vivinal Milk Fat add a characteristic creamy taste to your infant formula

Natural and safe

Fresh cream, minimally processed, palm oil-free, infant formula-grade production


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