Hydrolysates are proteins digested into smaller fragments, peptides, and its sole building blocks, the amino acids. So a hydrolysate is a blend of different peptides and different peptide lengths.


  • Reduction of cramps, gas and crying in children with colic

  • Assistance of the still developing digestion system of the infant

  • Reduce the risk of Cow’s Milk Allergy (CMA) development

In the hydrolysis process, we start with the intact protein, for instance whey or casein, which is digested by enzymes into smaller fragments. The hydrolysis process influences the peptide size. Depending on the level of hydrolysis, we are able to obtain mildly hydrolysed, partially hydrolysed or extensively hydrolysed proteins. Moreover, the peptides can be filtered, in order to obtain a mixture with very small peptides and no larger fragments.

We offer a range of protein hydrolysates for hypoallergenic formulas and easy-to-digest formulas, compliant with all regulatory requirements. Our strong backbone in infant nutrition provides us with an excellent platform for innovation.

Product Range

Overview of protein hydrolysates for infant nutrition and their application areas: CMA (intended for formulas for infants suffering from cow’s milk allergy), HA (intended for formulas to reduce the risk of the development of cow’s milk allergy) and EtD (including Easy-to-Digest / comfort formulas).

Protein Source CMA HA Special
Hyvital® Casein CMA 500 casein yes no no
Hyvital® Whey CMA 500 whey yes no no
Hyvital® Whey HA 300 whey no yes no
Hyvital® Casein HA 300 casein no yes no
Hyvital® Whey EtD 100 whey no no yes
Hyvital® Whey EtD 100 Organic whey no no yes

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