LNT is our newest member of the oligosaccharide portfolio. According to our Global Parental Survey, conducted in 2020 by Innova and RFC, immunity and gut health are the most appealing propositions for parents. Together with 2’-FL and GOS, we’re positioned to explore the benefits of combining oligosaccharides to support immunity and gut health in early life.

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  • Neutral non-fucosylated HMO

  • Stimulates growth of Bifidobacteria 

  • Reduced infectivity in vitro

Immune health of infants and young children matters most to  the parents of today, as research from FrieslandCampina Ingredients demonstrates.[1]

It is essential that the newborn’s immune system develops and grows strong in order to reduce the risk of pathogenic infections in early life. As ~70% of the immune system is active in the gut,[2] gut health is strongly linked to immune health.

LNT has been shown to inhibit group B streptococcus[3,4] and Entamoeba histolytica[5] and stimulates the growth of bifidobacterial strains in vitro.[6] By adding LNT to our portfolio, which includes 2’-FL and GOS, we’re perfectly positioned to further explore the benefits of combining oligosaccharides to support gut health and immunity in early life.

Support immune and gut health in early life with Aequival® LNT! Download the datasheet of our newest member of the oligosaccharide portfolio.


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