Dairy ingredients

Dairy ingredients play an important role in improving palatability, increasing digestibility and providing energy in piglet diets.  FrieslandCampina Nutrifeed has over 50 years’ experience in producing high quality dairy based ingredients for piglet diets.
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Our Serolat products offer a complete range of dairy ingredients for the optimal balance of fat, protein and lactose in every piglet diet.

Product information

Micro encapsulated fat

Micro encapsulated fat particles consist of very small fat particles, encapsulated by lactose and dairy protein. The small particle size increases the surface area and digestibility, while the encapsulation protects the product from oxidation. The nutritional emulsifier enhances fat digestion, especially in stressful situation. For optimal growth performance a 40:60 ratio of coconut and palm oil is used.

Dairy protein

Dairy protein is the highest digestible protein source for piglets and provides a superior amino acid profile to support a healthy growth. This will improve the digestibility and reduce the risk of diarrhea caused by unfermented protein in the hind gut.


Piglets have the right enzymes to digest large quantities of lactose directly after birth. Next to that piglets are used to the taste of lactose via the sows milk, stimulating feed intake. This makes lactose a very palatable and easy to digest energy source for the young piglet.