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Overnight protein shot

Overnight protein shot loaded with high quality casein protein, designed for older health conscious-consumers. 76% of consumers believe that healthy ageing starts with what they…

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Plantaris™ Faba Protein Drink

Consumer demand for products rich in plant-based protein is growing steadily. As a result, there are many opportunities for manufacturers to develop plant-based protein products…

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Plantaris™ Pea Protein Drink

Our Plantaris™ Pea Isolate 85 A is an ideal solution for ready-to-drink applications. It has a neutral taste and a smooth mouthfeel. Plus, it is…

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Fortified Protein Water

A versatile and refreshing drink that can be fortified with multiple active ingredients and flavours. 45D demonstrates how Nutri Whey™ Isolate Clear can help create…

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Compact Clear Protein drink

Hydration inspiration: discover our new compact protein RTD concept As gyms re-open and team sports begin again following the COVID-19 pandemic, there has never been…

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Muscle performance drink

Performance nutrition consumers have developed a keen eye for convenience when looking at products which they typically consume. The on-the-go benefit of the RTD format…

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