Chivalac milk replacer

Chivalac milk replacers fully utilize the growth potential of goat kids. It gives them a head start from which they immediately benefit, and they continue to do so further on in their lives.
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Chivalac is tasty, highly digestible and contains special ingredients which naturally support the health and resistance of goat kids in the first three critical months.

Chivalac helps ensure efficient, problem-free rearing with less disease and less work for the farmer. It contributes to the essential development that helps goat kids grow into healthy, highly productive dairy goats.

A goat lamb is very sensitive and needs high quality food. Chivalac is a product of absolute top quality. Completely tailored to the needs of goat kids.

Different variants

Chivalac has different variants: based on skimmed milk powder or on high-quality whey proteins, both 22% protein and 18-19% fat. Perfect for good acceptance and optimal growth.

Application: Via a drinking machine and supply with teat
Chivalac Concentration: 170-200 grams per liter. | Preparation temperature: 45 ° C. | Drinking temperature: 40 ° C.