Chivalac Rendement

Chivalac Rendement CAIR contains the ingredients for a healthy start, including the unique ingredient CAIR, which supports respiratory health. In addition to CAIR, the high level of coconut oil and IMAGRO, the intestinal health formula, also help you to achieve an optimal rearing.
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  • CAIR: contributes to respiratory health
  • 40% coconut oil
  • IMAGRO: contributes to optimal gut health and fat digestion


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About CAIR

CAIR is the innovation within our assortment. CAIR is a blend of fragrant herbs and essential oils that supports a healthy respiratory tract. It is added to the goat milk replacer Chivalac.

Proven better results with Chivalac Rendement CAIR

Research shows that, when goat kids are fed with CAIR during the rearing period, respiratory discomfort is reduced and less medication is needed. In addition, growth of the goat kids increases by 11%.

Chivalac helps ensure efficient, problem-free rearing with less disease and less work for the farmer. It contributes to the essential development that helps goat kids grow into healthy, highly productive dairy goats.

Now: even better!

Four years ago we introduced CAIR, our unique formula that supports the respiratory health of goat kids. We are proud of this innovation, and especially of the results: stronger goat kids with less breathing discomfort.

Fresher, thanks to the farmer

But, if we can do better, we will go for better. That’s why we have given CAIR a more pleasant, fresher scent. Thanks to the farmers who have shared experiences with us from their own stable. With this development, CAIR is an even better addition to the prevention and approach of respiratory problems in your stable.


Nicole Heesmans from The Netherlands about CAIR:

“The goat kids respond very well to Chivalac CAIR.  A good climate in the barn is the basis for us to prevent lung problems. Still the usage of medicines has been decreased since the goat kids get Chivalac CAIR. Furthermore, the goat kids are fitter and more vital and have a more shiny coat. They all are on the way to become high producing dairy goats.”